Monday, March 31, 2008

ok, I admit it... I am a BAD blogger! Plus some ski pics from spring break.

I'd like to think their are a few things I'm good at, but blogging on a regular basis is not coming easily to me. I do apologize to my recent clients who I am behind on posting sneak peaks for. Well the least I can do is let you in on a glimpse of my personal life. Over spring break our family went out west to Colorado for a week of "spring" skiing with another family. Now skiing is not my favorite sport by a long shot, in fact the only time I will even think about going skiing is for "spring skiing". This was anything but spring skiing, it was freezing! It was also very challenging for me a not great skier to ski while holding my camera and big, heavy 70-200 mm lens, but well worth it. Here are a few shots from our trip of my kids and the other families kids. Enjoy!