Wednesday, April 9, 2008

"PROJECT CHILDHOOD" I've been searching for something just like this!!

I am honored and proud to be a part of a wonderful charity program that is near and dear to my heart. Project Childhood, which corresponds with Child Abuse Prevention Month during the month of April, is about creating a unified front among professional photographers in order to accomplish one goal: TO CELEBRATE CHILDHOOD

Here's the deal:
Project Childhood is a non-profit community of professional photographers dedicated to celebrating childhood through the art of photography and community service.

The ultimate goal is to provide a web gallery of photos that will ultimately seek to inspire others to see the beauty of childhood to remember how precious children are. It will be a site meant to CELEBRATE CHILDHOOD, a site filled with content by those who spend each day doing just that through the art of photography. What better people to capture the essence of childhood then photographers. Photographers all over the country will be offering a free session to a child who normally wouldn't be able to afford it, and giving the parent's a beautiful portrait of their child. Next the photographer will donate the session fee to a children's charity of his or her choice. It's a win-win situation for everyone, a parent gets a free session and portrait, a child gets to feel special and honored and a children's charity gets a donation.

I am so excited to be a part of something like this, one of my personal goals is to figure out way's to use my passion for children's photography to help make a difference. The talented man behind this venture Christopher Lee is a successful Director, Photographer, and Writer who is following his calling; he is actually trying to do something about child abuse and using his gifts to accomplish it.

Now the fun part, I get to pick a subject and that is where you can play a part. If anyone in the Philadelphia area knows a family who would not be able to afford the (very important) luxury of a professional portrait session please e-mail me at:
I have a few ideas for which charity I will donate to and will let you know when I decide. By the way any of my photographer friends who are reading this you must go check out the Project Childhood website and join me in this wonderful opportunity to make a difference.